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Am I a prophet? A time-traveling cartoonist? (via Pocho)

This weekend POCHO Florida Burro Jefe Santino J. Rivera sent me a heads up about a Tweet featuring one of my editorial cartoons. I clicked the link and just about fell out of my chair.

The graphic in the Tweet was a side-by-side presentation of my cartoon showing a Native American confronting an Indian-mascot-garbed sports fan next to a photograph of a Native American confronting an Indian-mascot-garbed sports fan (image, above.)

They are eerily similar. The strange part was that I drew my cartoon in 2002, and the photo was taken last week in Cleveland, home of the Cleveland “Indians”:

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The modern world is rife with people convinced that their opinions are important and valid when, sadly, that just isn’t true. For any opinion to be valid and important, it needs to be informed, and good God do few people aspire to that…
Everyone will have an opinion — that’s inevitable — but you should reserve your opinion until after you have informed yourself on the matter at hand, and you should only respect the opinion of others if it passes that test. If someone asks me my opinion on the slap fight between Martha and Julius in the food court yesterday afternoon, my opinion is going to depend heavily on me knowing just who the hell Martha and Julius are and why they were slap fighting by the Taco Bell to begin with. If I don’t know any of those things, then I may as well give you my opinion with a side of pickles up my ass, because neither one is doing you any favors.

Felix Clay, "You’re Entitled to Your Opinion"