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Anonymous: Where and how do I meet nice young ladies? I've just about tried everything and no luck.


They live in cities, anon.

They dwell in houses with gardens and in tiny apartments with paperthin walls.

They go to schools and sit next you in class, they share their notes with you, they sometimes avert their eyes when yours meet.

They work at businesses and shops you probably frequent, they take your orders, they bring your food, they ask how your day is.

They play music in local venues, sometimes screaming to a tightly packed crowd, sometimes softly crooning to a near empty room, but loving it either way.

They serve as politicians making laws that affect you, some of whom you’ve voted for because you believed in their vision for your community.

They share words with you on the Internet, in forums, on your various social networks, they email you from the next cubicle over asking what you’re thinking for lunch.

They sit in the seat next to you on the bus, on an airplane, sharing a mutual journey with you for a short time.

They pass you on the street, sometimes on two legs, sometimes on two wheels, sometimes in synchronization with your own legs and sometimes fleetingly passing in the opposite direction.

They live in your neighborhood, maybe in the house next to you, you smile at each other when you’re checking the mail at the same time. They might be only a few yards from you at this very moment.

To put it simply, they are everywhere, anon. How do you meet them? The first step is to notice.

They are in front of your house moving very quickly, in the ventilation ducts, nice young ladies are surrounding you now, …there’s no escape.

Game over man…game over